AJK marks ‘Surprise Day’ enthusiastically


The educational institutions and civil society across Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) on Monday celebrated February 27 as Surprise Day to pay tribute to the valiant armed forces of Pakistan for successfully safeguarding the territorial sovereignty against Indian aggression.

In Mirpur, a seminar was organised to mark 27th February as Surprise Day at Pak Kashmir Institute of Computer Sciences Kotli. Director, Pak Kashmir Institute of Computer Sciences & Technology Mirpur, Matti Ullah and students chanted slogans ‘Kashmir Bane Ga Pakistan’, ‘Pak Fouj Zindabad’.

The teachers and students sang national songs and delivered speeches about the incident of February 27th, 2019. The participants prayed for the stability of Pakistan and Kashmir. There was an overwhelming participation in the event as 380 out of 400 girls and boys attended the event.

A seminar to mark 27 February as Surprise Day was also held at Govt Pilot High School No-1 Mirpur. Muhammad Idrees Ch, Principal Govt Pilot High School Mirpur and participants chanted anti India slogans and Kashmir Bane Ga Pakistan, Pak Fouj Zindabad. The student participation was also encouraging here as 430 out of 450 attended the event.

In Samani, Bhimber, a seminar in connection with 27 Feb 2019 was held at Gareen Model College Chowki Teh Samahni Dist Bmr, under the supervision of Muhammad Amir (Principal Green Model College ). In Kotli, Govt boys Middle School Aghar organised a program in connection with 27 Feb 2019 as surprise day under the supervision of Shakeel Ahmed Khan (principal). Teachers, staff and students participated with 100students present out of 120.

The Govt Pilot High School Kotli organised a program in connection with 27 Feb 2019 as surprise day under the supervision of Abdul Hameed Zadi (principal). Teachers & Students participated While Malik Zafar, Higher Education Minister was the chief guest where some 200 students out of 250 attended the event.

Department of Higher Education AJK, a debate competition org under the title “Effects of India’s Changing Population Ratio in Occupied Kashmir on the Right to Self-Determination” under the supervision of Zulfiqar Ali Principal Government Degree College Kotli. Students from boys colleges of Kotli district participated in the competition.

Dr Ghulam Nabi, University of Kotli, Fayazuddin Principal Government FG College Kotli, Dr. Alam Principal Retired Government College Panjeera participated in the seminar.