Algerian boxer excluded from women’s world final


Algerian boxer Imane Khelif has been excluded from the women’s world championships after being told she had “characteristics that mean I can’t box with women”, she said Saturday.
The International Boxing Association confirmed that she had been excluded from the tournament in New Delhi “due to the failure to meet the IBA eligibility criteria”.
In an email to AFP, it declined to say what rule she had breached, citing athletes’ “personal and medical privacy”.
Algerian media reported the 23-year-old had failed a hormone test, returning an elevated testosterone level.
In a video posted online, Khelif said she had been told she would have an unfair advantage over other women, but claimed she was the victim of a “big conspiracy”.
“People have conspired against Algeria so that its flag doesn’t get raised and it doesn’t win the gold medal,” she said.
Due to the exclusion, Thailand’s Janjaem Suwannapheng will compete in the 66kg division final, the IBA said.