‘All options’ to oust govt


It is increasingly looking as if PPP’s top leadership travelled all the way to Lahore to meet the PML-N leadership and make the same announcement that the entire opposition has been making for a long time; that all options would be used to send the PTI government packing. They didn’t, for some reason, share with the press exactly what options they had discussed in the high-profile meeting, but everybody already knows what is on the menu and how they’ve struggled with just about everything. It wouldn’t have done much good to beat the no-confidence drum so soon after the embarrassment in Senate over the SBP amendment bill. But without it all they have is their own different long marches on the capital, which is not very likely to worry the sitting government too much for the time being.
This is not the first time that the opposition has tried to get together and build momentum, of course, but chances of them working together like in the initial days of the PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) now appear very slim. It’s clear that while the one thing they have in common is the desire to remove Imran Khan from the premiership, that urge is still not strong enough to make them overcome their own little problems that have lingered for many years. The rest of PDM has still not forgiven PPP for ditching them, while the latter continues to blame the others for dragging their feet on the matter of the no-confidence matter when the time was right.
Unless whatever they discussed at their latest meeting in Lahore, and are keeping mum about it, is really a game-changer, there’s little chance of much truth in rumours that the PTI government might not have much time left in the tank. Then the different long marches that are planned for the spring will be little more than campaign processions for the next elections. Of course, there’s enough time between now and then for the situation to change dramatically, but there’s not much to suggest at the moment that there’s much wind in the opposition’s sails.