Allies have expressed trust in PM Imran’s leadership: Senator Dost Muhammad


Haroon Siraj
PTI Central Leader Senator Dost Muhammed Mehsud has subjected the opposition parties to Scathing criticism and termed their proposed Long Marches and No Confidence Motion as a calculated Ploys to pressurise the government to prevent it from pursuing the new corruption cases against Shabaz Sharif and Asif Zardari under the watchful eyes of the new accountability Czar Brig retd Mussadiq Abbasi, who had long served in Nab , with adequate evidences and rich experience of prosecuting such corrupt Mafias during his long tenure in NAB.
He expressed his confidence that the allied parties including PML(Q), PML(F), GDA, Mqm have full faith and trust in the leadership of Imran Khan and the recent statement of Ch Moonis Elah reaffirming their unflinching confidence to the Government is a Slap on the faces of the opposition leaders thus foiling their sinister plan of causing split between the government and the allied parties.
The opposition parties after suffering humiliation by failing to woo the allied parties , are trying to upen a new front through their hand picked media houses by airing baseless news regarding the estrangement of the Jahangir Tareen group with the government Senator Dost Muhammed made it clear that Jahangir Tareen is a stead fast and committed leader whose loyalty and devotion is beyond any doubt and a front line soldier of Khan team.
He warned the ppp led Sindh government to desist from pursuing a confrontational policies with the Federal government and termed the 27 February long March by Zardari league as a Revolt and Treason and warned of resorting to Constitutional steps by invoking legal clauses under the 1973 Constitution to rein in the belligerent Sind government from resorting to deliberate act of Chaos and disorder tantamount to undermining cum harming the unity of the Federation.
Senator Dost Muhammed Mehsud warned Asif Zardari that all his moves against Imran Khan are aimed at escaping from accountability snare which is closing in on him with each passing day.
Senator Dost Muhammed Mehsud lashed out at Zardari for hijacking the Bhutto Family and he threatened to move the court to Reopen the Case of Mir Murtaza Bhutto who was killed at the behest of Zardari in 1996, by his henchman SSP Wajid Durrani , at the gate of 70 Clifton- the ancestral home of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
He called upon Fatima Bhutto to join active politics and join hands with PTI to launch a tirade against Zardari mafia with the aim to liberate the Bhutto family and the People of Sindh from his terror.