Alvi for adopting value addition approach to increase agro-oriented export


President Dr. Arif Alvi has stressed for joint ventures to increase investment in agriculture and other sectors in the country.
Addressing Exports Trophy ceremony of the Rice Export Association of Pakistan (REAP) in Karachi Saturday, the President called for adopting value addition approach and focusing research to increase agriculture production and agro-oriented export to boost national economy.
The President called for participation of all segments of society including trade and business community in the political and decision-making process to put the country on the right track.
Alvi said that Pakistan had tremendous potential, which could be tapped by taking responsibility.
He congratulated REAP for its journey from the exports of $300 million to $3 billion.
The President while suggesting REAP members said that they could move to joint-ventures and focous on value-added rice items. He said that ‘Briyani Festival’ was a good idea and it was a value addition. He also invited REAP to organize the festival in the President House.
Alvi said that the Rice research institutions should be revived to further grab the international market. He, on the demand of REAP, said that market-oriented institutions should be jointly established by the government and REAP.
The President said that woman must be employed in companies to empower them and play their role in the economy of the country. He said we had to impart education to our children to cope with the challenges being faced by the country. On the occasion, he also condemned brutality in Gaza.
Sindh Governor Mohammed Kamran Khan Tessori, addressing the ceremony, said that Rice was the second best export of the country. He deplored that it had not been recognized as an industry so far. He said that the COAS was fighting economic terrorism along with the boarder terrorism. He said that the value of dollar had come down.
Tessori said that law and order situation in the country would improve as the action against illegal immigrants had started in the country.
Speaking on Palestinians, he said that the world should raise its voice for the Palestinians and against Israeli brutality. REAP Chairman Chela Ram Kewlani said that REAP was the backbone of the country’s economy.
He said that the rice of Pakistan had become a brand at international level. Kewlani said that the country had 9 million ton crop of rice. The rice were being exported to Europe, Middle East, Russia and rest of the world.
He said that Pakistani rice were famouse around the world due to its quality.
The REAP chairman said that the rice exports of the country was $300 million in the past and then it had reached $3 billion.
Kewlani urged the President to declare rice as an industry. He also drew attention towards Minimum Export Price (MEP) of rice and said that due to MEP they would not be able to export rice. He said that two crops of rice were being grown the world over and Pakistan was still growing only a single crop. He demanded for establishing a Rice Reasearch institution for more and better opportunities and exports growth.
Later, the President and Sindh Governor distributed awards and trophies among the best exporters of rice.