Angela Merkel-Eternal Chancellor and Stateswoman


Dr Shahid Raza

Raising the budget for the education and health sector and reducing the military budget are major milestones, which showed her courage and commitment to Germany

Germany bids farewell to its leader-Angela Merkel- its Eternal Chancellor and Stateswoman and the world’s most powerful woman and leader. Merkel played an important role as a leader for Germany and European Union. Her style of government was distinguished by her practical approach. She was awarded the US presidential Medal of Freedom. Being born and raised in Hamburg, West Germany, did not stop her from working for the East Germans with love, care, and respect. European Union and NATO were accorded high priorities as she worked to strengthen economic ties and relations. She played an important role in the negotiation of the Berlin Declaration and the Treaty of Lisbon. She negotiated on public investment to counteract the Great Recession. Merkel took seven business delegations to China since 2005 and played a pivotal role in recognition of the importance of China to the German economy. She criticised the new US sanctions against Russia that target EU-Russia energy projects.
She played a key role during the Eurozone critical crisis and became the most famous and powerful woman in the west in the last sixteen years with her true leadership abilities. She led the EU with true vision and wisdom, especially in Germany. Merkel saved the Eurozone from collapse after the bailouts were given to Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland. Raising the budget for the education and health sector and reducing the military budget are major milestones, which showed her courage and commitment to Germany.
The Chancellor did not just contribute at the national level but also worked at the international level with dedication and commitment. Her devotion to the environment and climate change is praiseworthy and commendable, something which was recognised by both the UN and the international community. Closing nuclear reactors and focusing on renewable energy sources were highly appreciated and validated her commitment toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
After retirement, she came out on her balcony and was applauded for six minutes all over the country. In her 16 years in power, Angela Merkel has not appointed any of her friends or relatives to state and government officials. She did not buy real estate, villas, luxury cars, plots, or private jets for sixteen years and did not even change her wardrobe throughout her tenure. At a news conference, a journalist asked: “We realise you’re wearing the same suit; don’t you have another? She replied: “I am a government employee, not a model or actress. Then another journalist asked: “Who is doing the laundry, you or your husband?” The answer was: “I fix the clothes and my husband runs the washing machine.”
During the press conference, she was asked: “Do you have a housemaid or servant who cleans your house, prepares food, etc.” The answer was: “No, I have no servants and I don’t need them. My husband and I do this at home every day.”
Ms Merkel lives in a typical apartment like any other citizen. The apartment, mind you, she lived in before she was elected Chancellor of Germany. She has not left her house till today and she does not own a single villa, house, gardens, etc. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, will always be a great example of values, selfless principles, facts, and compassionate leadership. Her diplomatic achievements are remarkable. She also played an important role in the international treaty to end Iran’s isolation over its nuclear program. Her sixteen years of government were wonderful, remarkable, and will be remembered in the history of Germany forever.
I wish the regimes, rulers, and politicians of Muslim countries had such an exemplary role, especially Pakistani leadership. There is a great lesson for legislatures, rulers, political leadership, and statesmen of Pakistan if they want to learn a lesson from Angela Merkel.
Well done, Angela Merkel! You deserve and justify to be remembered by the Germans and the world as a true visionary leader, and stateswoman forever.