Another Protest


There’s a new Sherrif in town and he has chosen who to brand with a hot iron next. Going by the just-minted resolve of PTI supporters to tear to ground whosoever dares displease them, one can only feel sorry for the Election Commission Offices, which are to receive the heat of street politics today. While the list of grievances (from disqualifying dissident Jiyalas all the way to the foreign funding case) is growing longer by the day, a degree of urgency has been added to the demand: the head of Chief Election Commissioner on a silver plate.
As the CEC holds his ground and tries to fight the beast of unbridled anarchy with pure reason, worries over his safety run high. Because who knows in which direction this thumping wave of tens of thousands would turn next. All it needs is a green light from the top command to throw the most basic of good sense out the window and roar the Spartan battle cries.
Why smear mud on the very man your government chose to lead a tremendously important institution of the state? Whatever flimsy legs the former prime minister’s narrative of political victimisation was standing on has had the air knocked out of by Mr Sikandar Sultan Raja’s razor-sharp focus on the delimitation of constituencies. With regard to the need for digital consensus, his office is not holding back any punches either and has gone on record regarding the non-cooperation from the executive.
May it be the release of funds from the Finance Division or the basic courtesy of the premier lending the body his ear, the body claimed to be suffering from stumbling blocks being rolled from all directions. Since we are perpetually trapped in an Orwellian nightmare where Big Brother refuses to leave the camera, our fixation on speaking up against the obliteration of societal code should be understandable.
Even admirable! The PTI army cannot continue to control dissent because it does not have the backing of the state and its pillars anymore. Raising its beloved “ghaddar”–which has now taken an uglier form of religion card– banner can still make for colourful headlines and primetime television debates but sadly, not much else!