A concocted story


Sajjad Ahmad Khan

Democracy thrives when political actors are gracious enough to maintain an easygoing atmosphere

Imran Khan has put on a new political robe to present himself as a saviour of Pakistan. Under the neoteric garb of a transformative leader, he is trying to position himself as a firm rock against America and imperialism. And doing so, he is travailing to garner the sympathies of the people. Through the crutches of these new narratives, he is trying to make a niche into the no-win hearts’ of the mushy youth. Khan is also wearing a religious turban and will do his best to play the religious card against the United States and united opposition. He will go to any length to return to the corridors of power. In the past, Khan used the slogan of ‘ Naya Pakistan’ which proved itself unbeaten and ahead of the game to beguile the voters. This time Khan is trying to figure himself as an anti-imperialist icon to rope in youth and masses in general. But luckily facts and figures are floating on the surface of the water, so it will be very difficult to befog the intellect of youth through grippy and peepy slogs. Khan can never think of offending America because he is a slave-minded and a dollar lover cricketer-turn-politician. Imran’s slavish mentality can be calibrated well by the fact that he considered it a matter of pride if President Biden ever called him directly on his phone. Love for America can be measured from the fact that when Imran Khan met President Donald Trump in 2019, he described the meeting as a victory for Pakistan, adding that it was as if Pakistan had won the World Cup for the second time.
The international conspiracy against Imran is just a concocted story. In fact, Imran has been removed from the top-job of prime minister by a parliamentary way and vote of no confidence. When PTI chairman Imran Khan was taking the oath of office as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, no one could have imagined that his own friends would turn away from him. But many of his staunch supporters have deflected him because of his hypocrisy, hubris and mercurial temperament. It is an open fact that Khan did not fall victim to any international conspiracy but his personal incompetence and reliance on wrong advisers drove him out of the government. Now people know the bitter truth that the narrative of ‘Naya Pakistan’ was just a mirage. People of all walks of life have begun to see the slogan of Naya Pakistan as a ploy to humbug the gullible masses of Pakistan.
Imran Khan is riding on the bandwagon of nincompoops when he dares to juxtapose his person with the socialist leaders of the world. The history of socialist leaders speaks volumes of their struggle against the imperialists regime and their designs. While Khan’s politics is a journey of U-turns, dominated by pro capitalist tendencies. A cursory glance at Imran Khan’s 22-year political career reveals that Khan never uttered a word against imperialism. In his view, the have-nots have no right to be part of the decision making or be at helm of affairs of a country. That is why his political axis always revolves around capitalists and feudal. He calls them electable in his own parlance, though.
Imran’s changing colours and circumstances are forcing us to agree that Khan’s marriage in the Goldsmith family may also be part of a lobby and conspiracy. After the fall of Imran’s government, the Goldsmith family has expressed concern and is trying to bring Khan into the government. To run the affairs of government, Khan always included American trained-and-loyal in his cabinet. The PTI is grappling with a political famine, so it resorted to anti-US propaganda to cover up its weakness. Actually, this man has been left with nothing but a few hollow slogans to do politics. In the election season, Imran’s deceptive slogans warmed the hearts but soon the effect of these rallying songs died out.
It was believed that Imran was a true leader who would change the destiny of the poor people. The masses had pinned high hopes on the idea of Naya Pakistan. They were upbeat that Naya Pakistan would come into being in which transparency and justice would prevail. They were sanguine that Pakistan would be freed from foreign debts and those found involved in corruption would be brought to book. The people were inspirited that the Prime Minister’s House would be converted into a university as per commitment. People anticipated that Pakistan would be so prosperous that people from abroad would flock to Pakistan for employment and none would be homeless in the country. Imran Khan claimed that he had a team of 200 economists who would rush the country on the path of economic prosperity. He avowed that he would bring an end to the blood sucking hours-long power load shedding. The biggest issue for the PTI government was to end the economic woes in the country. The promise was to avoid new borrowings and to reduce the existing debts. But we all know what he said and what he did to this country.
Miftah Ismail said that Pakistan borrowed Rs.250 trillion in the first 71 years after independence while Imran Khan borrowed Rs.200 trillion in the last four and a half years. In other words, Imran Khan took loans equal to 80% of the 71-year loans.
The list of promises does not end here. But I can ideally sum up by saying that Imran Khan has left Joseph Goebbels far behind in crafting myths and telling a lie. Remember my friends! America hasn’t hatched any conspiracy against Imran Khan, but Khan really turned out badly to deliver; so he is back to the pavilion.