Appreciation certificates for ministers is a joke, says Sherry Rehman


Pakistan People’s Party Vice President Sherry Rehman said that the Prime Minster Imran Khan has given certificates to the best performing minsters which is a joke with the nation.
While reacting to the Prime Minister’s awarding of certificates of appreciation to the minster, Sherry Rehman said three-year performance of the government is fraught with mismanagement, corruption and failures.
She questioned to the prime minster that which ministry did not cause the crisis in the country?
Sherry Rehman said that there is a crisis situation in every ministry and the performance of the ministries including economy, food, petroleum, energy, foreign affairs, interior, health and other are in questioning situation.
Prime minster is awarding prices to ministers for using abusing language, she said.
Sherry Rehman said the people will now give their opinion on the performance of ministers and government through vote.