Army Chief to be appointed as per law: Fazl


Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Chief Fazl ul Rehman on Sunday took PTI Chairman Imran Khan to the cleaners and said the next army chief will be appointed as per constitution and law.
“Army Chief will not be appointed on Imran’s demand but as per law and the constitution,” Fazl said in a press talk here.
Reacting to the assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Fazl cast doubts on the attack, calling it “an act”. He questioned the confusions regarding Imran’s injuries that whether he “got a single shot or more than two” and “on one leg or both”. He also argued that Imran surprisingly “went to Lahore instead of a nearby hospital”.
The JUI-F leader reiterated that Imran could not be trusted with his long march after his party “violated court orders” the last time.
“Imran Khan has beaten Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. How come a bone related matter is being examined at a cancer hospital?” he wondered.
PDM Chief said Imran’s own statement contradicted from each other. “He wasn’t ready to visit any other hospital and was suddenly moved to Lahore where he was treated at a cancer hospital,” he said.