Army’s positive role in National Security always received unwavering public support: COAS


Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said the Army’s positive and constructive role in Pakistan’s National Security and Development has always received unwavering public support.
In an interview with Gulf News, he said we have restricted the Army’s role to its constitutional mandated task only by deciding to make it apolitical. He said this decision will facilitate in reinvigorating and strengthening democratic culture, assist in supporting state organs to effectively perform and deliver and help enhance the army’s prestige in the long term.
The Army Chief said the institutional resolve to remain apolitical will remain steadfast. He was confident this political quarantine of the armed forces will auger well for Pakistan in the long term by fostering political stability and strengthening the Army-to-people bond.
He urged the youth to shield themselves from divisive propaganda and information warfare that seeks to polarize our society and erode mutual trust. Pakistan should always come first before any other marker of identity
General Qamar Javed Bajwa said Pakistan’s successful counter-terrorism campaign has turned the tide of terrorism and we continue to make meaningful efforts to overcome the menace of extremism and residue of terrorism.
Responding to a question, the Army Chief said Pakistan enjoys a special bond and fraternal ties with GCC and other Middle Eastern countries, which is deep-rooted in our strong religious, historical and cultural affinity. Our traditional ties with brotherly Arab states transcend beyond any cost-benefit calculus.
The Army Chief said military diplomacy is complementary to Pakistan’s foreign policy and plays its due role in fostering Pakistan’s bilateral relations with other countries, including in the Middle Eastern region. He said our intimate engagements with the Arab countries at the leadership level have continuously helped nurture the long-standing ties and translate them into practical cooperation in areas of common interests.
General Qamar Javed Bajwa said Pakistan has always desired peaceful and friendly relations with neighboring Iran and tried to maintain a positive working relationship with it.