Aseefa gets hurt after drone camera hit her face


Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, younger sister of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, was hurt Friday after a drone camera accidentally hit her face during the PPP’s long march in Khanewal.
The unfortunate incident took place when the Pakistan People’s Party’s long march reached Khanewal city of Punjab. Aseefa was standing with his brother Bilawal, as he was set to do a speech for the long march participants.
Aseefa was standing on the top of the container, designed to lead the PPP’s long march, along with other party leaders when a drone camera accidentally hit her face. Resultantly, she sustained an injury on the forehead. She was taken down from the top of the truck and given medical aid.
The PPP chairman placed his ‘Ajrak’ on the forehead of his sister. The security guards in the long march got a hold of the drone operator. After getting the first-aid treatment, Aseefa left for Multan for further treatment to her injury.
Addressing the workers after the incident, the PPP chairman praised the bravery of his sister and said: “Aseefa was hurt after being hit by a drone, but she was resolutely determined. When she was asked to go to the hospital, she insisted on first-aid only.”
Bilawal said that he came late to the container because he was convincing his sister to go to the hospital. According to reports, the drone camera belongs to a private news channel.
Meanwhile, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) workers, who had set out on a long march towards Islamabad from Karachi a few days ago against record inflation and other issues of governance, are now on their way to Sahiwal after making a stopover in Multan.
Jubilant PPP workers belonging to different cities, who are eager to listen to the party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, have set up camps along the route to welcome him. The jiyalas are dancing to party songs to express their joy.
PPP Bahawalpur Divisional President Nawabzadi Saira Abbasi, leading a caravan, has joined the marchers near Khanewal. Speaking on the occasion, Saira said that the PPP’s march will send the government home.
Camps have been set up at different places of Sahiwal city while sumptuous meal is also being cooked for the dinner. From Sahiwal, the PPP workers and leaders, led by Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, will head to Lahore tomorrow (March 5) and will reach the city via Okara and Pattoki.