Audio Leaks and PTI’s Silence


Ali Anwar

In the modern era, while machines have made human life easier, they have also created many challenges. In the past, when there was a shortage of information technology, many facts remained hidden. So, one could say that in the past, even if a politician was involved in a scandal, it would be covered in the newspapers or published in a picture, and the next day it would be discussed. However, in this era of information technology, hiding facts is almost impossible. Now, it’s not possible to talk behind closed doors and for our secret agencies to quietly observe while someone carries out subversive activities against our country.
A controversial YouTuber associated with Pakistan, Adil Raja, who is currently residing abroad, has released a secret audio with his wife. Enemy elements believe that by sitting abroad, they can do whatever they want and our secret agencies won’t reach them. But, as I mentioned earlier, this is the age of information technology, and now it’s not possible for only the enemies to benefit from this technology while our country’s security agencies remain in the dark.
This audio discussed the extremely vulgar and offensive language used about the PTI Chairman and his wife. On the other hand, this notorious YouTuber, who should be labelled a traitor to Pakistan, portrays the PTI Chairman as a spiritual devotee on his YouTube channel. This makes it clear that the PTI Chairman is not behind bars, but rather, he is imprisoned.
In this audio, personal details about both of them have been discussed, and so far, PTI has maintained silence on this scandal. This silence is significant because Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is known for its organized social media system, and there is no doubt about its propaganda capabilities. Are there any examples from the past and present where PTI has manipulated information? PTI, through its social media and board warriors, has a full-fledged campaign to turn black into white and vice versa, and this was the agenda of their social media cell that if PTI calls it a ‘conspiracy’, it won’t be wrong.
The question arises, why is PTI’s social media brigade keeping a ‘fast of silence’ on this leaked audio? Perhaps they have sensed danger in exposing this scandalous conversation. Or is there an important secret behind this silence? The question arises whether the countless YouTubers supporting PTI, in their private gatherings, criticize Khan Sahib.
This audio is one such example where a YouTuber based in London is having a conversation with his wife in a very objectionable manner. This reflects the mental capacity and hypocrisy of PTI’s supporters. The substantial income from YouTube may force these YouTubers to support Khan Sahib. Stating the facts may lead to a decrease in their income, and there is no doubt that PTI has promoted the business of falsehood in Pakistan.
According to a report, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government spent almost 870 million rupees on PTI’s media campaign, and this money was given from the national treasury only to provoke opponents and to present Imran Khan as a deity, saying that without him, this country cannot function. This large sum is sufficient to force these YouTubers into ‘positive reporting’.
The connections of this YouTuber with Indian agencies are also clear, and he is not the only one, as there are dozens of such YouTubers who have become tools of direct or indirect enemy actions.
PTI’s social media network turns a blind eye to the ‘fast of silence,’ but how is it ignoring such a disgusting and offensive conversation?
If PTI doesn’t have answers to all these questions, it can be said with confidence that this party’s social media cell and its supporters in the social media so-called Mujahid are playing into the hands of the enemy, undermining the roots of their own country, which requires the attention of the people of Pakistan.”
He writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.