Audio leaks causes damage to government, benefit to PTI : Asad Umar


PTI leader Asad Umar has said audio leaks have caused damage to government and benefit to PTI.

“ Our leaks proved what imran Khan says in closed door is true”, he said this while addressing a press conference here Tuesday.

He went on to say audio leaks are very popular now a days. There are talks of Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif and his cabinet in the audio leaks. PM and his cabinet are talking of resignations in audio leaks that how we reached here. How the resignations were given. All are in audio leaks. PM visited China and Russia and aid to Pakistan was reiterated. Peace was in place 6 months before. Pakistan was being appreciated all over the world. Imran Khan undertook successful visits of Russia and China.

He went on to say that GDP growth rate was 6 percent. The exports were on rise. The larger industries of Pakistan were making progress over 10 percent. Pakistan was yielding record production. Export was on rise. The foreign ministers of Muslim countries had come to Pakistan in conference. Islam and Kashmir were the main themes of conference.

He held the consciences were put on auction and votes were purchased from people. National Security committee says twice that interference is being made. The decision was made to give resignation after two days talks. Resignation is tendered. Later speaker issued notification.
They were talking in audio leaks whose resignations have to be accepted, he pointed out. They are afraid of holding election. They have lost their credibility. They say the elections have not been held due to flood. What flood was there in Karachi and Nankana. New news are coming from Karachi that local election be postponed. They say there is shortage of police. Clear evidence have come that this is being done under a conspiracy.

He went on to say we have decided to approach Islamabad High Court. Because it is very clear from audio leaks that how election commission works on demand. We have stated umpteen time that election commission has become ally of PDM. 123 persons tendered resignation in similar way on one day. How can it happen that resignation of one is accepted and resignation of other is rejected.

Who is leaking audio, we don’t know. ,