Azam Khan’s statement is confession, indictment against Imran Khan


Imran to face trial in special court for hatching ‘cypher conspiracy’: Sanaullah
Interior minister Rana Sanaullah said former principal secretary Azam Khan’s statement regarding cipher is confessional statement and indictment against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman Imran Khan.
PTI chief created cipher drama for personal interest, Rana said.
Interior minister said secret act violated to make secret document public. Found that who the real Mir Jaffar is. Cipher drama damaged Paksitan’s reputation.
He said former foreign minister and PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi is partner in crime. Cipher is not missing but Imran Khan kept it with himself.
Further he said Cipher conspiracy is matter of state interest. This is crime and case will be sent to special court.
One cannot escape one’s destiny, said Rana Sanaullah.
Responsibles will be punished soon, he said.
Group involved in May 09 incidents will also meet the results, he expressed these views in press conference on Wednesday (Today).
Interior minister said chairman PTI played with state interest for the sake of personal interest. Cipher drama was played to conspire against state institutions and to create anarchy in country.
He said that Azam Khan told that Imran wanted to fail no-confidence motion by creating cipher drama. Azam Khan also told that Imran khan said by using cipher as political tool he will change people narrative. Azam Khan told that despite his prohibition Imran Khan made cipher public.
Rana Sana Ullah also told that Azam Khan told that he was at his friend’s home and didn’t want to come out immediately.
Interior minister said punishment on cipher drama must be given. Planned drama was created against national institutions. Chairman PTI damaged institutions’ reputation and made irreparable damage to state.
He maintained that a group is involved in anti-state activities and is working against national interest. Conspiracy strains also go abroad. Azam Khan’s statement also recognises cipher related audio leak.
National economy was severely damaged through conspiracy. It is now must to bring thieves into the dock of justice, he added.
He said using secret documents for personal interest is crime under secret act. Crime must be punished. Cipher should be produced by arresting Imran Khan.
Rana said same kind of case is in court against US president Donald Trump. That time even America has not demanded anything but also denied cipher.
He said now clear proves are available against PTI chief and now indictment be imposed or even before indictment he may be arrested, any decision regarding that can be made. Azam khan’s statement also supports prove which are available earlier.
Minister said Imran Khan don’t know what crime he made that is why he is saying he will respond after he Azam Khan listens the statement.
Rana said state will be petitioner and this case will go for prosecution. Cases are in hearing in courts against Imran Khan and cases are proved. One cannot escape one’s destiny.
Investigation is being made as per law and constitution on merit and punishment will be made to those who sacrificed national interest for personal interest.