Banks extend loans to those wearing suits, speaking English: PM


Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said only 2 million out of 220 million people pay tax in the country.

“ people data is coming to us fast.FBR will be soon reaching the non tax payers”, he said this while addressing launching Ceremony of ‘Raast’ instant payment system here Tuesday.

We will have to capitalize on technology to move forward in the world, he added. Advancement towards digital Pakistan is making 220 million people an asset, he remarked.

He went on to say Common man fears from going to banks. Raast program is for the facilitation of people which lifts people from low to high position. It is success for us.

Most devastation was caused in KP due to war on terror, he remarked. Over 700 police personnel were martyred in terror related attacks in KP.

According to UNDP report poverty alleviated faster in KP than all provinces. We got votes again because the poverty declined in KP. The poverty swelled in the richest countries due to corona virus, he added.

As per world bank report poverty ratio dropped to some extent in Pakistan, he said adding I consider it my success.

He underlined that 220 million people are a big force for economic development of the country. Tax GDP ratio is the lowest in the world due to less use of banking system.

We are using technology in FBR as well, he indicated.

There are several people who are spending a good life style but they pay nil tax. The cars are standing in the homes but they don’t pay tax.

People data is coming to us fast, he pointed out. FBR is soon going to reach the non tax payers.

He urged that the state bank should provide more facilities to overseas Pakistanis; Overseas Pakistanis are our major asset.

When our performance will be reviewed in 2023 on completion of our five years tenure then I will see one thing either poverty has alleviated or otherwise in our government. If there was prosperity then I will see have its impact trickled down to grass root level. If poverty allayed then I will consider it my success.

He stated that banks provide loans to those who are seen speaking English and wearing suits.

We are aspirant of taking the people to digital system. We want to make 220 million population as our asset besides harmonizing it with the modern system, he underscored.