batting societal and familial doubts!



Being a student and having so many difficulties in choosing the path for a better future is so hard and sometimes you all need help, motivation, support because that is the first step towards achieving your goals and you have no idea what to do or how to take a start. Millions of people go through such difficulties with having no confidence to take a stand for themselves. They can’t question their own self confidence and they don’t have the courage to take off the right path. They lose so many great opportunities because of this judgemental situation. the situation made by the society and the relatives and unfortunately i was one of them from the earliest days of my education i found myself questioning my abilities my worthlessness and doubting whether i belonged in the realm of academia, this self-doubt fuelled by the society and the opinions of others cast a shadow over my aspirations and make me doubt about my own sense of self worth i began to wonder if what i liked was even worth it and if i was smart enough to do well in school hearing so much criticism made me feel like i wasn’t good that’s why people criticised me it was like i was lost in a big of ocean of different thoughts, feeling somehow darkness everywhere. I was always interested in historical fiction and the story of the world, particularly Pakistan Studies, politics, and history. I’ve had a strong desire to learn about the history of both the world and my own country. Unfortunately, society and relatives viewed my interests as a failure. Coming from an educated family where everyone is a doctor, engineer, or officer, I felt the pressure to conform to their standards of success.In their eyes, pursuing my interests seemed like avoiding the challenge of studying medicine, which they considered the superior path. Despite my resistance and attempts to explain otherwise, they resorted to blame, making me feel inadequate and incapable of achieving anything, especially in the medical field.When I decided to pursue Journalism & Mass Communication, I faced criticism and degradation from many who doubted whether it was a suitable field for girls. Despite my father’s profession as a journalist and my family’s support, societal judgement weighed heavily on me. People speculated that I chose this path merely to ride on my father’s coattails, weaving delusional narratives that undermined my genuine passion. Their words were disheartening, often leaving a lingering impact on my confidence. However, rising above the toxicity of their mindset is a victory I cherish.being the lack of confidence in your personality it doesn’t affect you only in academics. it affects you in many aspects of life. You don’t participate in anything else because you are always doubting yourself, you don’t have the courage to participate in many social interactions,your social skills kill your personality. Lack of confidence is something very important. It stops you from getting out of your comfort zone which may be beneficial to your life and career. it may stop you from doing new things you may enjoy, it can make you feel embarrassed about yourself and cause you to act like someone else around your peers and you might never open up and confess your true feelings to a person you like because you fear the consequences. Confidence gives you that power to take risks, say yes to new challenges and look at rejection in the eye and say I am not afraid of you. The reason why that turns into more success is because that person is growing mentally, physically and emotionally much faster than someone who sticks to what they are good at. If you always aim to achieve easy goals in life, your boss might find a diamond for the price of silver, but you miss out on achieving the best life has to offer.My journey towards success is a testament to the unwavering support and boundless love of my parents. From the very beginning, they stood by my side, offering words of encouragement and guidance that illuminated my path even in the darkest of times. Their belief in my abilities served as a constant reminder of my potential, instilling within me the courage to pursue my dreams relentlessly.Through every obstacle and setback, my parents remained my pillars of strength, providing both emotional and practical support to help me navigate the challenges of academia and life. Their sacrifices and dedication were evident in every late-night study session, every pep talk before a daunting exam, and every celebration of even the smallest victories along the way.Their unwavering belief in me fueled my determination to push beyond my limits, to strive for excellence in everything I pursued. With their love as my foundation, I found the courage to take risks, to explore new opportunities, and to embrace the unknown with open arms.Today, as I reflect on my journey, I am filled with gratitude for the invaluable lessons my parents have taught me and the endless support they have provided. They are not just my parents; they are my mentors, my role models, and my greatest cheerleaders. Without them, my journey would not have been possible, and for that, I am eternally grateful.“i still stand tall, ready to embrace the opportunities ahead”

1st Year Student of Journalism and Mass Communication University of peshawar