Ben Stokes waits for knee scan report to make summer plan


Vice-captain of English cricket team Ben stokes said he is waiting for the knee scan report to make consider summer plan. He said he cannot make any plan until he gets assessment of the knee problem.
Talking about the test match between England and New Zealand he said “At the moment, no training until I get these scans.”
Speaking to the Round the Wicket podcast he said after understanding what is going on with knee he can plan summer.
Stokes maintained that there were some positive they take from the tour in Caribbean, though he admitted the players may have guilty of what they “playing the situation over playing the man.”
He said “I said in the changing room after the last game, unfortunately all that hard work we put in the first two games is going to be forgotten about because of how this last game has gone, and that’s just how sport goes.”
He said this is one thing people focus on but what he need is only to play more than situation.
“I think that is something that this whole group can take forward – break it down and just go ‘right, it’s me against you’ rather than me against the whole situation of this whole game.” He concluded.