Best chief minister has been sacrificed for the sake of votes: Shahid Khaqan Abbasi


PML-N central leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said the best chief minister has been sacrificed for the sake of a few votes.
“It was said about Usman Buzdar he is the best chief minister of Punjab and he was too sacrificed. Imran Khan surprise has been given to Usman Buzdar”, he said this while talking to media men here Tuesday.

He went on to say chief minister was sacrificed to obtain a few votes. It makes no difference if some one comes or goes. Those who come and go suffer.

The cases registered against PML-N should be kept before the people, he demanded. There are hundreds cases of corruption against PTI wherein corruption of billion of rupees is involved. PTI will too have to render account of its corruption. But it will take place before public.

PTI sacrificed its 11 persons in foreign funding case, he pointed out.

He went on to say PML-Q is a political party and it is its own decision. We too had extended invitation to PML-Q. When PML-Q will go before the public by shouldering the burden of Imran Khan then it will come to know the real situation.

He underlined the no confidence motion is presented for the sake of country. Rulers eyes are closed and they are not comprehending the situation.

Read the IMF report then you will come to know what is the situation, he held. Imran Khan has taken U-turn on every matter during the last 4 years. He gives wrong statements. His sovereignty ends therein when he waves letter in the public meetings.

If Prime Minister tells us that such and such country or person has hurled threat then the entire country will sand with him, he underlined. He should inform national security committee that he had received letter.

If some one is threatening a nuclear power then it is not an ordinary thing, he remarked. The country will remain as it is unless the system is tailored in synch with the constitution.

No telephone call has been received so far by one, he held.

Any offer given to Chaudhry Pervez Elahi is not in my knowledge, he underscored.

A few days are left with Imran Khan, he said adding he can frame more corruption cases against us if he wants

We are not struggling to serve self interest or for chair, he stated. The decisions are taken by combined opposition. Shahbaz Sharif will be the next Prime Minister of the country.

Unconstitutional interference has abated at present , he said adding soon a people mandated government will come into being.