Big wars in the world are fought on the basis of narrative now: Fawad Chaudhry


Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has said Us could not achieve its objective in Afghanistan by dint of force and the narrative dominated instead of winning the war through weapons.

“ International law was framed after second world war. The morality of the world changed. Now world will have to establish a stable society and stable system. Now world bigger wars are fought on narratives. Pakistan missile program is one among the best missile programs in the world”, he said this while addressing introduction ceremony of contract employees appointed in APP under digitalization program here Friday.

He held the war is being fought of narrative rather than weapons in the world. The more robust the narrative is the more importance it has.

The history reveals wherever there were money and resources that area was occupied. It happened so in India. East India company of UK occupied India. This company had to return then.

He remarked million of people lost their lives in second world war. International law was framed after this world war. If we talk of traditional war which is fought though weapons , US attacked Afghanistan and ousted its government within a few hours.; The entire control of Afghanistan went into the hands of US. But it could not achieve its objection by dint of force because the definition of dominating the world had changed. The narrative dominated instead of winning the war through weapons and US had to meet defeat in the war of narrative. Eventually US had to leave Afghanistan.

He stressed now world will have to establish a robust and stable society and system. Now the big wars of the world are won through narratives. The side which uses its mind in best way succeeds in the war of narrative. We can present our stance in better way through narrative only.

He disclosed that during PTI regime the appointments are being made on merit for the first time in the country. We want to set up such a system where transparency is seen.

As a political party PTI digital media was stronger than state digital media, he said adding when we came to power in 2018 we launched the project of making state media strong in digital sector.

There is remarkable difference between 50 and 60 decades and journalism of today digital ear.