Bishop condemns desecration of Holy Quran in Sweden


our correspondent
Humphrey Sarfaraz Peter, Bishop of All saints Church in Pakistan, in a statement higly condemned desercration of Holy Quran in Sweden and called for inter-faith harmoney and religious tolerence that Ensure respect for religious beliefs of others, is a collective responsibility and is absolutely critical for global peace and prosperity,
He described the incident , which triggered riots ,as “despicable and totally unacceptable nor justifiable,” and said the Christian community in Pakistan is protesting against the desecration of Quran and the human rights do not imply to play with the religious sentiments of others, which is tantamount to a crime against humanity.
Bishop further added that, it was a conspiracy to deplorable acts perpetrated by hate-mongers, including by far-right extremists and other radical groups, incite violence and tear apart the fabric of our communities.
He reiterated that the desecration of sacred books and places of worship as well as religious symbols should be vehemently repudiated by all faith actors.
He called on religious leaders across the faith spectrum to renew their denunciation of all forms of violence based on religion or belief.
Hamphrey Peter said that it would continue to support the global effort to tackle this harmful phenomenon, such as through effective implementation of UNHRC resolution 16/18, which provides a comprehensive plan for “combating incitement to hatred, discrimination, and violence based on religion and faith.”