Blue Carbon signs MOU with Saint Lucia for Article 6 exploration at COP28


In another momentous development at COP28 in Dubai, the UAE-based environmental solutions developer Blue Carbon, has solidified its shared dedication to accelerating the achievement of the targets of the Paris Agreement by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the government of Saint Lucia.
Together, they will explore, develop, and assess opportunities aligned with the creation of Mitigation Outcomes (MOs) as outlined in Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. These MOs hold transformative potential, as they may be transacted as Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs), contributing to global emission reduction efforts while advancing crucial climate adaptation and resilience co-benefits.
The MOU represents a significant step in advancing the objectives of the Paris Agreement, offering Caribbean countries such as Saint Lucia the opportunity to tap into significant climate financing mechanisms and securing essential funding for sustainable development and climate resilience. The initiatives outlined in the MOU not only contribute to global climate goals but also play a critical role in fostering adaptation and resilience within Caribbean countries like St.Lucia which are vulnerable to rising sea levels and floodings.
This strategic collaboration follows a series of strategic MOUs signed by Blue Carbon in the Caribbean, including recent partnerships with Dominica and the Bahamas.
The signing ceremony took place during COP28, underlining the company’s dedication to advancing mitigation and adaptation efforts in the fight against climate change.
Blue Carbon is a UAE based company that specializes in maximizing environmental assets and undertaking nature-based solution projects dedicated to carbon credit origination. Recognizing the credibility of International Transferable Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs) as high-integrity, high-value carbon credits, Blue Carbon operates within the framework provided by Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.
In alignment with its commitment to environmental stewardship, Blue Carbon actively engages with governments and relevant stakeholders to shape blueprints that involve the private sector in the operationalization of Article 6.
As the implementation details of Article 6 are being finalized, Blue Carbon plays a pivotal role in facilitating in-principle agreements from host countries.
This approach ensures the seamless transfer of credits under the framework of Article 6, thereby assisting these countries in maximizing the value of their environmental assets.