Blue Ocean Strategy has addressed public service delivery in an effective manner; Engr.Khurram


Islambad(PR):Engr. Khurram Dastgir Khan, minister for commerce attended the International conference on Blue Ocean Strategy (ICBOS) at Putrajaya, Malaysia. The event was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato Sri Najib Razzak and attended by several Heads of State and Government.
In his inaugural speech Prime Minister of Malaysia appreciated the professors of INSEAD (a business school) on writing a book on Blue Ocean Strategy, which he adopted for his country resulting in at least 90 initiatives being taken by his government to facilitate the public.
Minister for commerce, was invited to be a key note speaker in the panel discussions on Innovative Public Service Delivery.
While deliberating upon the topic, he appreciated the vision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for leading the country from the front. The direction provided by the leadership is actually focused towards improving governance so as to facilitate the masses. He specifically mentioned the three challenges faced by Pakistan in 2013, the 3Es i.e. Extremism, Energy shortage, Economic instability. He mentioned that due to strong commitment of leadership of Pakistan, the country has been successful in handling these challenges.
He mentioned that in order to achieve sustainable development, Pakistan has adopted VISION 2025, which provides strategic direction to country through improvement in social, human, economic and governance style. The adoption of technology is the key factor behind all the initiatives. So in a way, despite not explicitly using the word Blue Ocean Strategy, Pakistan has taken several innovative policies to accomplish the objective of public happiness.
He highlighted how life of Pakistani people particularly poor people has transformed through innovative initiatives such as Benazir Income Support Program, which is a $ 1.2 billion social health program covering 1.3 million families. In addition to this, Education Voucher Programs, Endowment Fund to aid students in their education fees, NADRA systems for registering the citizens, bio- metric SIM card issuance which also facilitated mobile phone banking, land record automation etc. are some of the initiatives of the government which facilitated the public greatly.
He concluded that Blue Ocean Strategy has addressed the issue of public service delivery in an effective manner. Pakistan has learnt through this conference that a whole-of-government approach is required in which all relevant ministries/ departments/ stake holders work in tandem and in complete synchronization rather than working in isolation to achieve the highest objective of public happiness.