Bribery culture


Faisal Ansar

Bribery culture is prevailed in our country and by the passage of time people have now become used to it rather start considering it their compulsion to get their work done hassle free but it is much talked about corruption in our country and discussed that how this nation could get rid of corruption and often criticized that politicians have looted public exchequer owing to which our country is under heavy debt which is very obvious and our upcoming generations would remain owed for decades and decades but could we really take pragmatic efforts to get rid of corruption or at least tried to impede it or minimize it.
The answer if not yes then no as well. In fact, corruption has ingrained in our arteries not in veins which has polluted our pure blood as it circulates in arteries while impure blood circulates in veins then how it can be expected from such a person whose pure blood has been contaminated to refrain from corruption or consider corruption as a crime. It would not be wrong to say that corruption is the result of mindset not an act, in fact, it is not considered a crime anymore rather considered as their right to do it being in power.
Talking about politicians’ corruption and impeding it is too far away, we could not yet impede a person from doing corruption who possesses some sort of power with some impunity as five fingers not are alike. How ordinary people are blackmailed in the name of rules and regulations and sometimes are intimated in case of not obliging them. This example fulfills here when a traffic official stops a citizen for violating any of traffic rule and registered him for challan but one who argues is intimidated for unexpected consequences and those who bargains committing the same violation of traffic rule but convinced for nominal bribe are freed by greasing their palms which is pure injustice and it happens openly which is observed by common people. Owing to their malpractices and such behavior, many a citizen do not stop when they are asked to stop for checking their vehicles’ documents and valid driving license and sometimes go pass by houting and using abusive language which looks very bad and awkward.
What is the need of huge claims that we would make this country corruption free when traffic officials leave violators of traffic rules after taking bribe and registered for challan those who refuses to grease their palm. It is total failure then nothing that we could not yet impede a person who is taking bribe publicly then how bigwig could be trapped and impeded from corruption who takes bribe under the tables or by other means.
There is no rocket science involved in to trap such people who take bribe from ordinary people on violation of traffic rules. It is as simple as that higher authority should disguise themself and violate any of traffic rule and experience the result by themself that whether they are offered bribe or not but who cares and wants to impede corruption. Just keep making huge claims which is just rhetoric and nothing.