Brutal to raise energy costs


Increasing electricity, gas, and oil prices would be cruel. Further price hikes will also increase the risks for the government as the opposition can use this situation to create chaos in the country. The continued price spikes can lead to a political crisis, which will be dangerous for the economy, stabilizing steadily, instead of increasing the burden on the people, the direct tax system should be improved, and tax should also be collected from non-tax-paying sectors.
In a country where setting up and running an industry is the most challenging task and playing with plots is the easiest and most profitable, the increase in production and exports is self-deception.
The development is only possible if capital is diverted to industry and agriculture and industry is not prioritized over all other sectors. Agriculture needs to be prioritized after industry while bringing the big landowners into the tax net can generate at least five billion rupees.
The black money in Pakistan is kept in the form of plots, land, buildings, gold, dollars, and banknotes of large denominations. Gold coming into the country through legal channels is negligible. In contrast, several tons of gold are brought into the country annually through smuggling, which causes a massive loss of revenue that can be regulated.
If dollar transactions are made subject to banks, the value of the rupee could be revolutionized as many exchange companies have become hotbeds of money laundering and are engaged in the continuous depreciation of the rupee.
Some people believe that if the government abolishes the Rs5000 banknote, corruption and the black economy will be dealt a huge blow. It will reduce bribery to a great extent, and people will be forced to transact through banks.