Can Imran Khan return to power?


Zabih Ullah

Since the inception of Pakistan a few landlords have dominated the political landscape of Pakistan. Dynastic politics engulfed the entire system and new faces on the basis of radicalization are unwelcome and get them as existential threat to their lavishness. For 45 years the game of musical chair was played and win-win position was only declared for a few hands and common people were preyed upon. In late 1990s, cricket-cum-politician Imran khan formed his party. He spanned his fate and chose to play on the ground of politics. Initially he did not attract the attention of bag parties and seemed a feeble politician and could not be detrimental to the existing hierarchical politics.
Years of struggle and facing incarceration, intimidation and suppression lastly came in the limelight of the powerful sectors as they are consider in Pakistan the power giver and taker.
Meanwhile in 2011 he made a speech at Minar-e-Pakistan that upended the landscape of Pakistan and his popularity soared up. Onward that political gathering people of Pakistan tilted their consciousness and deemed him a savior to the fractures of Pakistan.
Moreover, he was vocal against corruption and led the crowd pledging them a corruption free Pakistan where rich and power would be weighed equally which was a favorable voice to the common people. Flocks of people turned into the newly emerged party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.
Following his fervent rhetoric of change other political parties geared up their endeavor to dismantle his popularity but seemed unsuccessful. Although the general elections of 2013 were won by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, but the fear of Imran Khan persisted.
Following the general elections Imran khan accused the government of rigging the elections and demanded fair trial but his voice was unheard and he stayed in the capital for 126 days against the government. His Dharna (a political sit-in) was wrapped up when a harshest blow hit Pakistan with the terrorist attacks on innocent children in Army Public School claiming hundreds of lives. Following that mournful event he concluded his dharna but remained consistent by pursuing his ambitions.
Following his utmost struggle, nature turned around him and assigned him the highest seat of Prime Minister. Assuming the charge of the prime minister he pledged change within 90 days but his promises never met with the destination. Almost three and half years in government he could testify everything with new experiments that resulted even worse than before. Classifying the governance, he seemed unfamiliar and did not take clever decisions that could relieve Pakistan from the paralysis. Following his onetime government, he lost the support of thousands of people and the security establishment. After dethroning him from the government by the vote of no confidence rejuvenated his populist narrative by accusing this time the US government for his dethroning which painted the picture of Pakistan with murkiness.
Potentially he covered the errors he had made in the last government and gathered his support by inciting the people exaggeratedly.
Meanwhile, Imran Khan was backed by the establishment in 2018 elections and awarded him with the prime minister seat but this time the situation is dissimilar and he is not the ladla of the powerful quarter yet.
Although in the Feb 8 elections PTI backed candidates were victorious with huge margins despite a very closed and fearful environment, PTI remained a leading party by winning more than 100 general assembly seats.
Following his victory, an elusive assumptions are made by some analysts that Imran khan may be released and mend relation with the establishment but this time it seems impossible, here we drop an assumption which backed that Imran Khan is not a like toddler for the establishment; Previously Imran khan was backed by the establishment due to his minimum voters comparatively with other political parties and the establishment always keeps the game under their chest so they support Imran Khan but now the wind has changed with 180 degree and seas of people came out for Imran Khan which may pose threat to the unmitigated power of the establishment so they are unready to accept Imran Khan is their loyalist and the time is not for Imran khan now and let wait for his weakness.