Case registered against Sheikh Rashid over firework


RAWALPINDI : A case was registered against Awami Muslim League (AML) leader Sheikh Rasheed for using fireworks during his election campaign, police said on Tuesday.

The AML leader will contest from National Assembly Constituencies NA-60 and NA-62, Rawalpindi. Sheikh Rasheed has received complete support of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf which has not fielded its candidates against him.

Adopting a unique way in his election campaign, the AML leader is sometimes seen riding a bike while sometimes he is having breakfast among supporters. However, it’s a bad news for him that a case has been registered against Sheikh Rasheed for using fireworks.

According to police sources, the case was registered for displaying fireworks in UC-40 of NA-60 and NA-62 in city police station. Sheikh Rasheed is among the eight people nominated in the case.

Sheikh Rasheed’s nephew Sheikh Rashid Shafiq and 15 other unidentified persons were nominated in the case. The case was registered under police officer Aftab Ahmed Yaqoob as per clause 285 and 286.

The FIR against Sheikh Rasheed reads that the AML activists have displayed fireworks in the Talwaran Bazaar while it was banned from the Punjab government.

Meanwhile sheikh Rasheed is hopeful to win the election with majority. He appealed to the voters to come out on July 25th and vote for him.