CEO-WSSCM inspects cleanliness activities in Mardan


Chief Executive Officer Water and Sanitation Services Company Mardan Engineer Amir Khan Tuesday visited various union councils of the city during heavy rains and inspected the ongoing cleanliness activities there.
He directed the concerned officials about the facilities provided by the company.
Assistant Manager Solid Waste Management Muhammad Ishaq was also present during the visit.
Chief Executive Officer Engineer Amir Khan also directed the concerned authorities to further improve the sanitation arrangements in urban Mardan.
During his visit he met with shopkeepers and traders and appealed to the citizens to hand over the garbage from shops and markets to the company’s sanitation staff at specified times in order to control and avoid spreading the garbage in Mardan city.
He said that the government has approved the Water Act and amended the Local Government Act under which legal action would be taken against dumping and throwing of garbage at undesignated places, and wastage of water.
Engineer Amir Khan said that the department will use all the available resources to make Mardan clean and a Model city. Citizens Liaison Cell team has been mobilized to create awareness and sensitize the citizens about cleanliness. He added that so far more than 200 Mosques have been outreached by the company’s CLC teams during the Jummah Prayer Sermons.