China-Pak Agricultural Cooperation center opened in Weifang, China


BEIJING : China-Pakistan Agricultural Cooperation Center has been formally opened in Weifang National Comprehensive Pilot Agriculture Zone.

Ghulam Qadir, Commercial Counselor of the Pakistan Embassy in China, and Li Ting, Deputy Secretary-General of the Weifang Municipal Government jointly unveiled the centre, opening a new chapter in China-Pakistan agricultural cooperation, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Friday.

Zhang Mingjun, General Manager of Shandong Rainbow Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., a representative of participating enterprises, briefly introduced its blueprint in Pakistan, as a typical example of “going out” enterprises in Weifang PAZ.

In 2016, Rainbow began to participate in agricultural projects in Pakistan and applied for registration of three peanut varieties in the country three years later. In 2021, a new company, Sino Pak Agriculture (Private) Limited was registered in Islamabad to promote all local projects.

Nowadays, Rainbow is actively promoting seven bilateral agricultural cooperation projects, including peanut breeding and extension, potato tissue culture, agricultural equipment and production material and so on.

“Currently, our peanut breeding base in Potohar is preparing for sowing, and the design of the potato tissue culture base has also been completed, thus we will start the installation and commissioning in October. What is even more gratifying is that in Lahore, our plan of building an agricultural material and machinery exhibition and sales center is also progressing steadily,” Zhang introduced.

Counselor Ghulam Qadir expressed his earnest expectations for in-depth agricultural cooperation between the two countries, hoping the cooperation center could be a window for mutual development. Tahr H. Naqvi, Executive Director of Agro Economic Zone Limited, Pakistan, also delivered a speech via video on the occasion.