CJP opened court at night for defending constitution: CJ IHC


Chief Justice (CJ) Islamabad High Court (IHC) Athar Minallah has remarked Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial opened the court at night to defend the constitution. .
The rule of law and constitution will be ensured in the country at every cost, he gave these remarks during the hearing of the petition filed by the journalists Sami Ibrahim and Arshid Sharif against the issuance of notices to them by the FIA here Tuesday.
At the inception of hearing of the case the CJ IHC inquired on what basis action has been taken against them now.
Deputy Attorney General (DAG) told the court that they said Election Commission (EC) is playing foul game (Dow numbri kar raha hai) and bid has been made to influence the institutions.
The court remarked such things are said by the politicians daily. Will you take action against all these political leaders. Several programs were conducted against the court. Should we initiate proceedings. Can any one influence public office holder merely through statements.
Deputy Director FIA told the court they said why the CJP opened the court at night.
The CJ IHC remarked the entire nation knows why the court was opened at night. CJP Umar Ata Bandial had stood with the constitution. He opened the court by defending the constitution. We will ensure the rule of law and constitution in the country at every cost.
FIA told the court Sami Ibrahim talked of threatening the institutions.
The court remarked if Sami Ibrahim did not exercise responsibility in his talks then tell us what offence was committed. The journalists will have to satisfy FIA by appearing before it.
The court inquired from Islamabad High Court Journalists Association (IHCJA) what they say in this matter. .
The president IHCJA told the court we done defend the irresponsible talks of any journalist. But why only journalists are seen to FIA. If FIA continues to follow this way then the half of the country will have to be lifted.
The court while ordering to satisfy the FIA in the matter of Sami Ibrahim and Arshid Sharif adjourned the hearing of the case till September 20.