CM directed to increase the number of lady police officers


Maryam addresses passing-out ceremony of lady constables in Lahore
Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif appreciated women on Thursday as they work like superhumans as mothers, daughters, sisters and professionals.
Addressing the passing-out ceremony of lady constables at Police Training College Chung, she said: “Women are very hard working and they are an asset to society.” Maryam said, “The passing out lady constables are very active and alert. I am happy to see that Pakistan has been blessed with so much talent. No one can imagine how hard women work; I salute all for their dedication and commitment to work.”
The chief minister said, “I am happy that this time the police gave sword of honor to a young woman. My sisters, daughters! I am proud of you all.” She added, “The training of lady police constables has been conducted in line with the International best practices and modern requirements. It was a pleasure, indeed, to see the professionalism of lady police constables undergoing training.” She said, “If you need any kind of help for training at college, let me know. I am always there to facilitate you.”
Maryam Nawaz said, “I have directed the IGP Punjab to increase the number of lady police officers, as 7,000 women police officers are not enough.” She said, “Time will come when the number of lady police will surpass 50 per cent.”
The chief minister said, “After wearing the police uniform for the first time, I have realised that being a police officer or being sworn in as a CM is a very responsible job.” She added, “In the Chief Minister’s office, we take decisions, and you get them implemented, you have a heavy responsibility.”
She explained, “Women are soft-hearted and quick to forgive, but lady police constables! you have to do justice only. All your sympathies should be with the oppressed; there should be no place in your hearts for the oppressors. The oppressor must be punished.” She added, “I don’t feel revenge in my heart, it hurts while punishing the wrongdoer even.” She highlighted, “In a society where there is no justice, society is destroyed. Therefore, take care of the oppressed and do justice.”
CM Maryam Nawaz congratulated the passing out lady police constables and their families, and said, “Your daughters will make you proud.” She added, “I feel pleasure when my father’s face brightens after listening to my daylong activities of the public service.” The CM explained, “I have to prove myself to reach this position; I have waded through a river full of fire.”
CM Maryam Nawaz greeted all parents, and asked them, ”Trust and support your daughters; they will make you proud.” She said, “I would like to pay tribute to Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif because wherever we see development in the country, only their names come into one’s mind.” She added, “I have a heavy responsibility to carry forward the development legacy of Nawaz Sharif’s era.”