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CM-KP remains stable against all political odds

CM-KP remains stable against all political odds

PTI strength in KP assembly suggests that opposition no-confidence vote against
CM-Mahmood Khan would bite the dust
Despite opposition claims to have support of PTI lawmakers in KP Assembly to topple Chief Minister Mahmood Khan government, the number game in the provincial assembly suggests opposition no-confidence vote would be an unrealistic idea and they would fail to implement it.
It is pertinent to mention here that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is the largest single party as it has 94 lawmakers in KP Assembly.
Moreover, during the last three and half years the PTI lawmakers strength has provided CM-Mahmood Khan with confidence and any attempt to change his government may not be successful.
The PTI government faced acute political temperature for bringing changes in its provincial cabinet and sacrificed its party CM in Punjab.
PTI in KP stands very firm and intact due to its number in the provincial assembly. Several attempts in the past to change CM-KP have bitten the dust and no group inside the party sustained for long and vanished itself with passage of time.
It has been observed that in the past some senior party members and assembly lawmakers attempted to sideline the incumbent CM-KP but they could not succeed.
With 94 lawmakers in the provincial assembly PTI stands firm in KP and creating any sort of political alliance to bring changes in the provincial government would have no impact.
PTI has 94 lawmakers, PPP six PML-Q one, PML-N seven, MMAP 14, JUI-F three, JI one and ANP 13.
There are also three independent lawmakers in the KP Assembly. Political observers say that opposition attempts to bring changes in KP government seem impossible as the ruling party has a strong back on around 94 lawmakers.
Additionally, PTI in KP has a very strong network of its party workers and the party has very little or equal to none support of electable.
Moreover, the speaker of National Assembly Asad Qaiser, Defense Minister Pervaz Khattak, Federal Minister Murad Saeed and Federal Minister Ali Amin Gandapure stand firm in support of CM-Mahmood Khan.
Referring to the ongoing opposition claim to bring a vote of no-confidence against the provincial government, CM Mahmood Khan termed it a joke.
He claimed that he enjoys two-third majority in the provincial assembly, adding that all PTI lawmakers are loyal to its party chairman Prime Minister Imran Khan.