The government of India would do well to take a good long look at its own internal economic and financial collapse rather than continue to indulge in regular misadventures on the Line of Control and try to provoke Pakistan into a confrontation. That the Modi administration has been having sleepless nights ever since the embarrassment that surrounded what has since become known as the Abhinandhan incident is understandable. No doubt nothing would please it, and its constituents, more than returning the favour to Pakistan. That is, after all, why Delhi recently went on a weapons buying frenzy and got fighter jets from France and other equipment including spy drones from Israel.
But all the time Prime Minister Modi has been smiling ear to ear and stockpiling military hardware, the coronavirus has spread through India like few other countries. It now has more than five million confirmed infections and the third highest death rate in the whole world; after USA and Brazil. And it’s no surprise that this has caused the economy to go through the floor, with economists and global institutions cutting its growth forecast from what are already historic lows. Goldman Sachs Inc, one of the world’s foremost investment banks, estimates a 14.8 percent contraction in India’s GDP for the year through March 2021.
Such developments not only reflect an economy in freefall, they also deliver the kiss of death to all prospects of private investment, both foreign and domestic. Why, after all, would any serious investor commit any money to what is effectively a financial black hole? This won’t change at least until the government can overcome its obsession with hurting Pakistan in any way possible and turn its attention to where it is really needed.
Nobody, not the least New Delhi, needs any reminding about India’s sea of poverty. Now, the more the economy dips, the more those at and near the bottom of the food chain will suffer. The most unfortunate have already started facing and succumbing to issues like hunger and starvation. All this is the direct result of a hasty imposition of the lockdown and lack of attention from the very top to the real problems facing the country. It is precisely the high headedness of the Modi administration that has alienated practically all its neighbours. Hopefully, for the sake of the people of India, Delhi will reconsider the way it is running the government.