Contempt of court case against Imran Khan” We will interfere if law is breached: CJP


Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial has remarked court will interfere whenever law is breached from any side.

The CJP further remarked “ the federal government has said Imran Khan has breached the assurance given to the court. He is again planning for long march and dharna. Government can deal with the situation as per law. There are just speeches. Government should take the steps in urban areas wherever there are threats. Very solid replies have been given by law enforcement agencies in their reports with reference to previous order. 31 citizens were injured in the calash on May 25. Imran Khan announced to end long march on next morning. When there are people then request should come from government that the mob be stopped. There is no mob at present. Taking steps as per law and constitution is responsibility of the administration.

He observed administration should keep itself ready for the situation. We will interfere when the law is breached from any side. Whenever our interference is needed we will reach on holiday too. Solid material be brought before the court. Our job is to maintain balance. The right to protest is conditional. If some political leader violates our order then its consequences are dire. Steps should be taken for reconciliation. We are not political people. We will ensure level playing field. Protecting the basic rights of people is too our responsibility.

The CJP gave these remarks while presiding over a five members larger bench of Supreme Court (SC) during the course of hearing of contempt of court petition filed by interior ministry against PTI chairman Imran Khan here Thursday.

The CJP while ordering to provide copy of reports of institutions to Attorney General (AG) said to AG “ you should review reports and if some thing happens then come to the court again.

AG Ashtar Ausaf told the court PTI had filed application in the SC on the eve of previous long march. During the hearing of this petition assurance was given to the court . Despite assurance Imran Khan gave call to PTI workers for D-Chowk. Under the court’s orders paths to Sirnagar highway ground were opened. He had himself demanded Srinagar highway ground. The workers came to D-Chown on call. The workers came to red zone. Clashes took place with the law enforcement agencies. The demonstrators caused damage to the public and private properties. A miscellaneous petition was filed on May 25 night when demonstrators reached D-Chowk . Through the petition request was made for taking action against the responsible persons.

While reading out May 25 court order the AG told the lawyers were in contact with the leadership of PTI during court’s proceedings. In the court order the government was stopped from arresting PTI workers. The court also directed PTI leadership to ask its workers to remain peaceful.

The court in its decision sought report from ISI, IB, IG Islamabad , interior ministry and chief commissioner. It was told in the reports that PTI violated its assurance. The respective institutions filed their reports in the SC.

The AG said I request the court to issue interim order.

The CJP inquired what interim order we should give.

AG said that Imran Khan is declaring mounting Islamabad a jehad. Imran Khan is going to universities and educational institutions. Imran Khan is inciting the people in his speeches. It is responsibility of the state to safeguard the basic rights of people. We want some one comes and says that Imran Khan has no intent to hold long march.

The court inquired from AG do you want we should get assurance from Imran Khan again.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan while addressing the AG remarked you should first review reports. You want court’s orders of such situation in advance which has not come before us. When any things happens you can come to court.

AG told the court police from KP, AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan have reached Islamabad. The flood of people can come.

The CJP remarked where flood of people. Last time 200 to 300 people had entered into close area. To my view these 200 to 300 people were locals. They had not come with the demonstrators.

The court while directing to provide copy of reports filed by the institutions in the court to the AG and asking the AG not to make public these reports adjourned the hearing of the case till Wednesday.