Country integrity is vital for sustainable economic growth, resolution of key issues: Faiq


Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) chairman, Muhammad Faiq Shah has stressed the country integrity is vital for strong economy, urging the government to frame economic policies with proper consultation with relevant stakeholders, including business community and institutions.
Talking to media here on Sunday, Faiq said his party can give an alternative solution to the present economic crisis, through which pace of development would be accelerated and vibrant/tangible decisions could be taken.
Terming the country’s integrity crucial for sustainable economic growth, Shah urged the prime minister to take all relevant stakeholders, including businessmen and institutions to frame result-oriented and long-lasting economic policies.
Describing the untimely increase in prices of petroleum products and electricity tariff as detrimental for the country’s crippling economy,
Shah called the excessive gas loadshedding in summer an unwise and incomprehensible decision of the government that would cause closure of industries and would trigger massive unemployment in the country.
Stagnation could further come in industrial growth through such an unwise decision and investors would be drawn back their investment in the prevailing scenario, Mr Shah warned.
He questioned: “Rulers should make a decision on how long the country would run on foreign debts?
No stake of the federal government is any federating unit of the country, which has further enhanced confusion, he observed.
Faiq emphasized that it is imperative that there should be a national economic, education and agriculture policy.
Otherwise, he made it clear that it could be highly difficult to meet with the set GDP and economic growth targets.
The ATP chief demanded inclusion of a clause in 18th constitutional amendments regarding formulation of a national education, agriculture and economic policy.
He called upon all political parties to give solutions to all issues togatherly and find a better way with collective consultation.
Shah reminded his party’s crafted plan had already been shared with previous governments and institutions.
We will take every possible step to make the country an economic and defence super power, he vowed. He continued to say that his party has prepared a comprehensive plan by properly making homework.
The party leader termed cosmetic measures that couldn’t produce positive results and resolved the issues.
All stakeholders should need to set gathering on a single platform for restoring public confidence, he stressed.
Shah claimed the people are uniting at a fast tempo at ATP platform, who want to be a country on the path of sustainable progress and include in the rank of developed nations. He added this is part of their struggle.