Court cancels Imran’s warrant


Tosha Khana case
Former Prime Minister and Chairman Imran Khan could not be indicted in the Tosha Khana criminal case. The court canceled Imran Khan’s arrest warrant amid chaos in federal capital on Saturday.
Court acceptance the attendance of PTI Chief while sitting in a bulletproof vehicle at the gate of Judicial Complex Islamabad.
An interesting situation arose in the court when the attending police officer mentioned the missing order sheet.
Additional Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal heard the Tosha Khana criminal case in the judicial complex.
Despite the end of court hours, Imran Khan could not appear in front of the judge.
Imran Khan filed an application in the court and requested permission to give attendance at the gate outside the complex, which was approved by the court.
During the hearing, the judge asked the lawyer, what do you think about the indictment? To which lawyer Khawaja Haris replied that the indictment takes place after the decision on the maintainability of the case, indictment can’t be charged today, the court has to decide on our admissibility plea, hear the case against next week.
After which the court ordered staff and police officers to take the attendance of Imran Khan on order sheet and present.
When the hearing of the case resumed, an interesting situation arose. SP Sami Malik appeared injured and said that the order sheet could not be signed.
The shelling was so much that it is not known where the file fell, on which lawyer Ali Gohar said that the video clip is here, the SP took the signed file from me.
When the SP asked for ten minutes to find the file, he adjourned again, however, the police officer could not find the file.
On the court order, the statement of SP and Barrister Ali Gohar was recorded and both the parties were also directed to submit written statement.
Court summoned Imran Khan again on March 30 in his personal capacity and asked for arguments on the maintainability of the application at the next hearing.