Court exhumes dead of a man


On court’s orders, dead body of a young man Ashfaq Hussain was exhumed in village Jalwal. On the occassion Civil Judge Jand Muzamil Ghani , Dr Muhammad Shoaib , Sanitary Inspector Sohail and relatives of the deceased were present .
Exhumation was done on the application of the deceased’s brother . As per the application the cause of death of the deceased is uncertain which has raised many questions either the death is natural or unnatural and could only be ascertained after Exhumation of the dead body.
His brother had requested for disinterment of the body of the deceased as is inevitable to determine the actual cause of death in order to remove suspicions and clouds of doubt over the death of his brother .
It is worth mentioning that Abdul Husssain (brother of the deceased Ashfaq Hussain) had knocked the doors of judiciary and requested for exhumation . Abdul Hussain is of the opinion that his sister
in law ( widow of his deceased brother) has poisoned his brother to death as she was having illicit relations with another man of the same locality.