Court orders jail authorities to provide Imran Khan spin bike


The Adiala Jail authorities were ordered Monday to provide Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan with a spin bike.
Special Official Secrets Court judge Abual Hasnat Zulqarnain accepted the PTI chairman’s plea to provide him with a spin bike for exercise in jail.
It is to be noted here that the spin bike for the PTI chairman to exercise was delivered once again outside Adiala Jail on Monday.
It also merits a mention here that a spin bike for Imran Khan had been returned after the jail superintendent refused to provide him with the bike without written orders from the court.
An argument between Imran Khan’s lawyer and the special judge also took place during the hearing of a case about the provision of a spin bike to the PTI chairman.
The lawyer told the court that the PTI chairman wanted a cycle in the jail for exercise.
The judge replied he had already given instructions to the jail superintendent in that regard. “If the court permits, I am ready to arrange an exercise cycle for my client,” Advocate Ranjha had said.
The judge said that he did not want the cycle to be misused. “I am afraid the superintendent might ride the cycle himself,” he had added.
“If the court has doubts, it can appoint a person to ensure that the cycle is not being misused,” Imran Khan’s lawyer had said.
“We also have to consider the jail’s manual. For us, the prisoner’s security is important,” the judge had remarked.