CPNE MFR is charge sheet against the govt: Shahbaz


PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif has said Media Freedom Report (MFR) of CPNE is based on eye opening facts and is an indictment against the government. Giving statement on the release of MFR -2021 he said Monday if such reports come then neither Pakistan GSP Plus status will stay more nor will foreign investment come.
The pro democracy, constitution and people friendly political parties will have to evolve future strategy by considering the contents of MFR seriously.
The report bears evidence neither the incumbent government is democratic nor its attitude is democratic.
It has been told in the report how the efforts are being made to suppress freedom of expression, media independence and constitutional rights of access to information.
The report testifies that the present government system is continuity of fascism and dictatorship. The facts narrated in MFR are one among the factors due to which Pakistan world corruption ranking rose by 16 notches.
The head of every patriotic Pakistani has hung in shame due to this report.
He held the federal and provincial governments will have to take corrective steps after taking serious review of the facts laid down in the report.