Crooked rulers mortgaged country to fill coffers: Imran


Pak Forces made many sacrifices for country: Imran Khan
Inviting the people to participate in countrywide anti-inflation, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan came down hard on the imported government and said that these band of crooks and looters had nothing to do with the public welfare, as they mortgaged the country to fill their coffers.
PTI Chairman urged the inflation-stricken masses to come out of their homes and participate in the anti-inflation protest today (Sunday), as they would decide the future course of action together.
Imran Khan made these remarks while chairing an important meeting of the party spokespersons here on Saturday.
During the meeting, PTI Chairman congratulated Hammad Azhar and the members and officers of the FATF Coordinating Committee for working hard to achieve the milestone to ensure Pakistan’s delisting from FATF grey list.
The meeting discussed the imported government’s highhandedness, fast dwindling economy and back-breaking inflation, unabated fuel, power and gas price hike and the threadbare.
They also reviewed the preparations for nationwide anti-inflation protest to be held on Sunday on the call of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.
Imran Khan said that the PTI government always worked as a bulwark for the people against any scourge and global inflation but this corrupt ruling junta mortgaged the country to fill their coffers at the cost of the people.
PTI Chairman went on to say that the people of the country were reeling under back-breaking inflation, because these corrupt rulers kept their wealth abroad; hence they were neither concern about their hardship nor of the future of the country.
However, Imran Khan made it clear that the PTI would not tolerate the situation anymore and crooked rulers would not allow to play with the future of the country and its people.
He said that the imported government must bear in mind that people cannot be stopped from raising voice for their due rights through use of force and coercion.
PTI Chairman said that all the characters of the conspiracy and their targets badly exposed during the last two months, who were imposed without preparation to conspiracy to save their corruptions at the cost of the future of the country.
Imran Khan said Pakistan Armed Forces made many sacrifices for country and have respect for them in my heat.
He made these remarks in a meeting with Zia League chief Ijaz-Ul-Haq on Saturday. According to media reports, leaders have discussed overall political situation and Ijaz-Ul-Haq gave him an important message.
Further Imran Khan said that there is no comparison between this imported government and my government as now Petrol, electricity, gas and other items went out of people reach.
Only and immediate solution to this deteriorating economic situation is, said Khan, fresh and transparent elections.
He said the plan incumbent government made to rig upcoming election will be made fail in any way.