CTO Islamabad holds orderly room to address the concerns of officials


According to the details, following the special directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, the Islamabad Police holds an orderly room to ensure timely and prioritized resolution of institutional and personal matters concerning police officers.
The establishment of an orderly room aims to prioritize and address issues faced by police officers on a timely basis, emphasizing their welfare and issue resolution.
Following these directives, the Chief Traffic Officer Islamabad Muhammad Sarfraz Virk holds an orderly room at Traffic Police Headquarters. Officers of Islamabad Police attended the orderly room.
During the orderly room, police officers brought forth both personal and official concerns before the CTO Islamabad. Immediate directives were issued for the resolution of pressing matters, while directives were given to senior officers to address remaining issues promptly.
On the occasion, the CTO Islamabad highlighted various measures taken for the welfare of police officers, including initiatives aimed at improving residence facilities, enhancing healthcare provisions, and raising educational standards.
He assured all personnel of an open-door policy at his office, encouraging them to bring forward any concerns for immediate resolution.
He further said that, the primary objective of the orderly room is not only to address the welfare, personal, and official issues of police officers but also to elevate their morale by prioritizing resolutions based on their well-being.