Darling will not be allowed to play with Pakistan: PM


ISLAMABAD, March 28 : Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said darling (ladla) will not be allowed to play with Pakistan.
” Law will take its course. Much water has passed beneath the bridge. When law enforcement agencies personnel go there with summons to discharge their obligations then petrol bombs are hurled on them. they are pelted with stones their vehicles are set ablaze, he said this while speaking in National Assembly (NA) here Tuesday.
We will not allow any one to play wiht 1973 constitution. Martial laws were imposed. storms came but the constitution has kept the coutnry united.

I say Imran Khan is the biggest fraudster of the history. The decison of two respectable judges of Supreme Court (SC) came. This decison was issued by Justice Mansoor Ali Shah and Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhail.They said what decision was taken in this matter was 4-3 decision, he added.

He held Imran Khan Niazi struck agreement with IMF and he later violated it blatantly. He put Pakistan on verge of default.

No one could even think so what the PTI trolls are levelling blames on our military leadership, he stated.

Darling was got elected through rigging and the narrative of theif and dacoit was run day in day out, he held.

Shehbaz Sharif said smear campaign against the armed forces of Pakistan will not be allowed, adding that Gen Asim Munir’s appointment as Chief of Army Staff (COAS) was made on 100 per cent merit.

Foreign funding case has been proved. Election Commission gave decision on the basis of facts. presently a video has come wherein certain facts have been described about judge of SC. These allegations are based on facts or otherwise, I say to Chief Justice of Pakistan to get forensic audit of it. If audio is wrong then those who found responsible should be punished. If it is correct then action be taken in line with it.
The nation was told the incumbent governrnmt came into being due to US conspiracy. This man kept on lying before the national for several months.
Chism is growing in the country. But he took somersault a few weeks back and said it is not US conspiracy. It was conspiracy of our own people.