Daughter of renowned business tycoon late Seth Abaid killed


LAHORE: Daughter of renowned businessman late Seth Abid has been killed in mysterious condition in her room. Husband and 3 adopted sons of victim Farah Mazhar, 62 are settled in US. She lived in a room of her home in the area of Muslim Town, Lahore. Besides her servants her adopted son Fahd was also living in the home. The servants and adopted son took the body to a private hospital instead of informing the police about the incident. The hospital management informed the police that body of a woman has been brought in their hospital. The police reached the scene and took the arms into their custody. The adopted son of the victim and servants were also taken into custody for investigation. Police said the servants and adopted son had told that the victim had committed suicide by firing on her. Police have expressed concern over it that when police reached the scene the servants tried to change the crime scene in the home. The arms were also hidden.