Deciding by a convicted person about army chief is against honor, dignity of army: Fawad Chaudhry


ISLAMABAD : PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry has said deciding about army chief by a convicted person runs contrary to the honor and dignity of army.

He said in his statement on twitter 撤ML-N ministers are saying a meeting has taken place between Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif and PML-N Supremo Nawaz Sharif in London in connection with appointment of new army chief and Nawaz Sharif will decide about new army chief. Such decision making is sheer breach of official secret act.

He further Shahbaz Sharif is deviating from his oath by doing so. People of Pakistan keep Pakistan army close to their hearts. Deciding by a convicted person about appointing the army chief is against the dignity and respect of the army. PTI voices strong protest over it.