Decision to shift TEXPO to Karachi rotation violation


The Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers & Exporters Association Zonal Chairman Mian Farrukh Iqbal has said that the unilateral, un-consulted and abrupt decision to shift the venue of TEXPO-2024 from Lahore to Karachi is sheer violation of the rotational schedule of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) and it must switch over to the previous schedule to provide equal opportunities to the apparel and hosiery exporters of Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Peshawar to showcase their quality products to the international buyers by utilizing this important platform.
Mian Farrukh Iqbal said that the decision to move this year’s event to Karachi contradicts the established schedule, as TEXPO 2023 has already been successfully held in Karachi last year. “It now qualified Lahore, as the next designated host for TEXPO 2024”, he said and underlined the historic importance of Lahore.
He said that it is a centrally located metropolis of Punjab and exporters feel it easy to set up their stalls in Lahore instead of travelling 1000 kilometers away from their production houses. The PHMA Zonal Chairman urged the authorities to reconsider and relocate TEXPO 2024 to Lahore to ensure maximum international exposure for local garment manufacturers and exporters.
Drawing immediate attention of Zubair Motiwala, the Chief Executive of TDAP and Capt (Retired) Khurram Agha, the Secretary Commerce, he said that Lahore has strategic significance in attracting international buyers and promoting Pakistan’s textile industry at the global level, hence its extra qualifications may also be exploited to enhance to give a quantum jump to the national exports.
He acknowledged the role of TDAP in fostering industrial growth and expressed optimism regarding future collaboration between PHMA and TDAP. He also underscored the importance of TEXPO Pakistan as a vital platform for showcasing the country’s textile sector to potential buyers from key markets such as the USA, Europe, and China.
He also advocated for regional inclusivity and fair representation and urged the TDAP to adhere to the rotational schedule and host TEXPO 2024 in Lahore. PHMA (NZ) Senior Vice Chairman Ammanullah Khan and Vice Chairman Khawaja Musharaf Iqbal emphasized that Lahore’s status as a major textile hub would facilitate broader participation from manufacturers and exporters nationwide, promoting inclusivity and equitable opportunities for all stakeholders.
They were confident that TEXPO Lahore would attract more buyers and subsequently the local exporters would get maximum orders. “It would certainly make this year’s TEXPO a total success.