Decisions are being taken by those who have been doing so in the past: Sh Rashid


Awami Muslim League chief and former federal interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said decisions are being taken by those who have been taking decisions in the past.

In his tweet on Thursday, Sheikh Rashid said: “People come and go in politics, it makes no difference.” The former minister said it’s evident what’s going on behind the scenes when a judge told a person that he would not be spared unless he addressed a press conference and deleted his tweets, a possible reference to PTI leader Asad Umar.

He said markets had been established where sale was going on, and a catwalk was being held in front of camera. Sheikh Rashid warns those who are celebrating [the fall of PTI]: “Listen revelers! You will face the music in a month’s time.”

The former minister said political puppets had no status. “Those who are leaving the parties have done so in the past. They change loyalty under doctrine of necessity,” he added. The chief justice had said that he was working to please Allah. “Allah is pleased by redressing the grievances of the masses,” he continued.

He said he had repeatedly been saying that the real issue was economic, poverty, inflation and unemployment. He claimed that the people would not vote for the parties ruling the country even if their thumbs were chopped off. They [PML-N] had attacked the Supreme Court and now besieged it, he concluded.