Defeated Niazi encouraging nation to mass suicide: Fazal Ur Rehman


Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Chief Moulana Fazal Ur Rehman termed Imran irresponsible statement regarding national sovereignty is humiliation of the nation.
In statement on Thursday, he said security of national unity and sovereignty is not the responsibility of state only but the whole nation.
He said that the brave nation will ask Imran the disappointing thought about the national unity belong to whom?
Imran Statement, he continued, regarding the country three pieces and atomic assets is the representation of international powers.
Defeated Imran Niazi in the state of distress is encouraging the nation to mass suicide.
Imran Niazi wants to break national encouragement before the defeat, he said, “I already told that Imran was brought to power by Israeli lobby, only way to defeat the atomic power is to make it default by the economically.”
Greif of losing position made Imran mad and he fell in deeps hate.
He said that this nation know how to defend sovereignty and atomic assets.