Desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden


Ali Anwar

The entire Muslim Ummah has been saddened by the insulting and sad incident of the Quran burning under police supervision in Sweden. The state of Pakistan, along with other Muslim countries, condemned this insulting behaviour at all levels and registered a protest. In this regard, Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif also decided to celebrate Holy Quran Day on July 7. The whole nation responded to his call and told the world that Muslims and Pakistanis were peaceful people and that the initiative of the Prime Minister to Celebrate the Holy Quran Day was a good decision indicative of a civilized nation. While the world may criticise Pakistan and Muslims for terrorism, it should open its eyes to the fact that the holiest book of the religion of Islam was burnt, but despite this, those who burned it are not being declared as terrorists and are being provided with state support.
Our politicians, rulers and powerful circles should be one voice against this global terrorism so that the message goes to the world that Muslims are united for the protection of their religion and its sanctity. Although the Swedish government has distanced itself as a government from this process, how is it possible that a request to burn the Holy Quran is filed in the Swedish court and the Swedish court not only allows the burning of the Holy Quran but also allows the police to protect this shameful act? It also issues orders to perform the duty of protecting the person humiliated during the impure act. Now the entire Muslim Ummah must protest against the Swedish government and take assurance that such incidents will not happen in the future. Because this is not only a problem of Pakistan alone, it is a matter of the sanctity of the holy book of the Holy Quran for the entire Muslim Ummah.
The sad thing is that the former Prime Minister and Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaaf has tried to use this opportunity for their political purposes by showing off their politics, building a separate mosque and using religious cards.
This is a matter on which the ummah needs to be united, but even here some people are trying to separate the nation on this matter.
On the one hand, on July 7, the Prime Minister named this day Holy Quran Day and asked people to recite the Holy Qur’an as much as possible on that day, but leave their homes peacefully, go to mosques, Stay and tell the people that Muslims are not immune from desecrating the Qur’an, nor can the Qur’an be removed from their memory in this way. If we use such an opportunity for our politics and keep people from following a holy mission and the sanctity of a holy book then how should that person call himself a national leader or Muslim Ummah leader?
This is not the first time that Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaaf has used an important day for his political purposes, but in the past too, he has been known to give a religious touch to his rallies and processions. This is an account of the incident in Sweden, but as a political activist and a columnist, I also question Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf and his workers. When the attacks were carried out across the country on May 9, houses were set on fire and sacred documents were burnt. People saw that outside the Jinnah House on 9 May 2023 a young boy of PTI Worker was trying to force them onto the board with a stick on which Holy Kalma was written then why the religious touch of this party did not come forward on that occasion? Then why doesn’t the idea of blasphemy come to you when the dancing and singing in your gatherings continue even during the call to prayer?
Do you use religion only to achieve your political goals? Now the people of Pakistan have become aware and they know who is using them in the name of religion.
People are questioning that this so-called political party has not spared the martyrs of the country, now please spare a peaceful religion like Islam for your politics. The trend of violent politics that has become common in Pakistan has now reversed the veils on their faces and people have come to know who is spreading religion in this country and who is hiding the real image of peaceful Islam.