District admin is accountable to the people: Commissioner


falak sher
Commissioner Mardan Division Shaukat Ali Yousafzai has said that the administration is accountable to the people. We are the servants of the people, not the rulers. The stability of the economy in the world is related to trade. Only through trade can the region develop and become a hub for the entire world. He was addressing the Executive Council and other members of the Chamber on the occasion of his visit to Mardan Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with Deputy Commissioner Mardan Muhammad Fayyaz Khan Sherpao.
On reaching the Chamber office, Zahir Shah, President of the Chamber of Commerce, along with his members warmly welcomed them. While delivering the welcome speech, Zahir Shah thanked Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Mardan for coming to the chamber office. He said that the Mardan Chamber has a unique position at the national and international level and has the honor of representing the province and Mardan in many countries including the United States. He said that the traders and industrialists of Mardan have always cooperated fully with the administration and this atmosphere of cooperation will be maintained. Speaking on the occasion, Commissioner Mardan Shaukat Ali Yousafzai mentioned the development of China and said that China has enriched the people with the wealth of education and created productivity by teaching the workforce various skills and making energy cheaper, resultantly today it is ruling the world economy. We can move forward here too by promoting skills and education. He said that our region is rich in minerals and we should take advantage of the vast tourism opportunities available here.
He said that the economy cannot develop without giving opportunities to the private sector. He assured full cooperation from the administration to the business community. He asked the business community to discourage the use of polythene bags saying it is environmental terrorism and cooperate with the administration in its elimination. Similarly, cooperate with the administration in removing encroachments and keep footpaths clear for pedestrians. On this occasion, Zahir Shah and other members presented shields and souvenirs to Commissioner Mardan and Deputy Commissioner Mardan.