Dubai Crypto Expo to Spotlight BST Token, Islamic Principles



Dubai’s Crypto Expo 2023 set for September 20-21, 2023 will unveil The Blue Sapphire Token (BST) by BST Gemstones Trading ‘LLC, emphasizing Dubai’s role in crypto-currency and showcasing the latest digital currencies and gems, all while highlighting BST’s adherence to Islamic principles.

Azim Abdul Latif, BST Group’s chairman, and his team members, while addressing the media, emphasized the significance of Kashmiri Blue Sapphire’s trade.

During the crypto expo, BST Gemstones specializing in Kashmiri Blue Sapphire, will introduce a cryptocurrency known as The Blue Sapphire token (BST).

Digital currency, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency have propelled the world to new frontiers. This year’s Crypto Expo will feature the world’s leading and most coveted cryptocurrencies and gemstones, with active participation from companies handling both digital and physical assets.

The Crypto Expo 2023 scheduled to take place at the Dubai Festival Arena will see traders and companies from around the world converging to set up their booths.

The company is taking groundbreaking measures by combining intricate scientific research with advanced technology to enhance the quality of life.

During Latif’s talks, the emphasis centered on showcasing the trade and importance of Kashmiri Blue Sapphire. Additionally, there was in-depth discussion about the expected success of the BS Token upon its market launch.

As the market value of Kashmiri Sapphire rises, the value of the Blue Sapphire Token will also experience a parallel increase.

In conversations with the media, Azim and other BST Group representatives emphasized that the Blue Sapphire Token aligns with Islamic values and principles, supported by a fatwa issued by Islamic scholars. Thus, the choice was made to introduce it at the Crypto Expo.

In the domain of gemstones, Kashmiri sapphire occupies a distinct position. The BS Token isn’t just another cryptocurrency; rather, it marks a groundbreaking evolution in the precious stone trade.

Dr. Farooq Abdal emphasizes that the token isn’t limited to its launch at the Crypto Expo; it will also be presented to a global audience. Additionally, during their speeches at the Crypto Expo, the company’s founders, Dr. Farooq Abdal and Dr. Umair Mehmood, will elaborate on how it aims to gain traction and promote tokenization worldwide.